Need a computer but can't afford a new one? Is the repair cost on your old computer too high? Computers To Go has great deals on used desktops and notebooks.

Used desktop and notebooks are available as low as $125.

We have both Mac and PC units available.

Used keyboards, mice and monitors are also in stock.

Computers To Go accepts trade-ins. You can find used desktops, laptops, and monitors that are in good working condition.

We offer custom built computers to meet your specific needs. Every component can be selected to create a simple Internet surfing computer or the ultimate gaming system. You can choose your parts list or consult with one of our system builders to create one for you.

Why choose a custom built computer over a prebuilt system from one of the big manufactures or big box stores?

You choose the configuration. Get everything you want without paying for stuff you do not need.

Quality. You get to mix and match part manufacturers to make sure you get the most quality out of every part.

Warranty. Each part carries an individual warranty.

Upgradability. Because each component is standard, you can swap and add new parts without having to settle for OEM-specific parts that are inferior and more expensive.

Computers To Go is also a Lenovo Business Partner offering in stock and special order Lenovo desktops and all-in-ones:Lenovo Business Partner

  • IdeaCentre computers with innovative design and responsive performance.
  • ThinkCentre systems for premium performance and solid reliability.
  • ThinkServer workstations with industry-leading reliability, scalability and performance.

Lenovo ThinkPadComputers To Go offers notebooks from Asus and Lenovo. Why these brands? Asus offers the lowest failure rate of all PC notebook manufacturers. For years, Lenovo's ThinkPad has been the industry standard for reliability and business class products.